About the School

Built in 1928, Jefferson Elementary School is now a K-6, two-story building with a three-sided balcony overlooking a wood-floored gym and stage. Several additions over the years have made Jefferson a school with history and character. A separate computer lab, cafeteria, and gym are available for our fine instructional programs throughout the day and various community groups utilize our facilities in the evenings. Our caring staff offers programs which meet diverse student needs.  Jefferson offers a sense of community with exceptional support and a team approach. Our dedicated parent organization, PTO, meets monthly and is very involved with raising funds and coordinating activities, such as our carnival and Laugh Olympics.


Our centrally located grounds are home to Morton's annual four-day Pumpkin Festival in September. The school grounds accommodate food tents, entertainment, merchants, carnival rides, and craft booths.


Historical information

Many Morton area citizens recall additions to our school. The school started with only the eight classrooms surrounding the gym in 1928 with one room for each of the eight grades. Additions were added in 1944 and 1948 with the primary wing added in 1950. The cafeteria was built in 1964, replacing a bus-parking area.  Our school was known as Morton Grade School until 1965, when Grundy School, the second elementary building was opened. Our 75th anniversary celebration during the 2003-2004 school year brought many past students, teachers, and memorabilia to us. Jefferson alumni and their family members shared their memories of attending Jefferson School.  


Our 90th anniversary celebration is scheduled  for September 2018. We hope to add to our growing collection of photos and memorabilia that have been stored in our school's original vault. 


Fun Fact: There is a time capsule placed in an outside wall when Jefferson was built. The time capsule was intended to be opened after 100 years.