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Reading Teacher

The Reading Teacher works with grades K-2 only. Instruction is delivered in a small group or individualized setting. Activities and lessons are used to help students with certain literacy skills and to provide extra support when needed. Kindergarten uses a set of books called Looking at Print. These books focus of the beginning stages for learning how to read and also includes writing skills as well. For first grade, a …

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Primary Resource/Collaboration

Mrs. Nadine Worstell

Primary Resource is a special education program for K-3, which is designed to meet a student's individual needs.  Instruction is delivered in a small group or individualized setting.  Resource teachers or instructional assistants also work collaboratively with the general education teacher to deliver instruction within the general education classroom.

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Intermediate Resource/Collaboration

Mrs. Melissa Danner

Intermediate Resource is a special education program for students in grades four through six. The resource program is designed to meet each student's individual academic and/or behavioral needs.  Students receive instruction in small group settings. Occasionally a student may have individual instruction based on his/her needs. Resource teachers and/or instructional assistants work collaboratively with general education teachers to support students in various subjects in the general education classroom.

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Title 1 Math

Mrs. Sara Dirks

Title 1 Math is an instructional program provided daily for grades 3, 4, and 5.  The program uses flexibility of instruction to include in-class, and pull-out assistance.The Title 1 teacher and the regular classroom teacher work together to provide varied instruction and activities that include manipulatives, problem solving with writing, and computer assisted learning.  Small group activities give the opportunity to reinforce, clarify and provide extra help for students on …

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RTI: Response to Intervention

Mrs. Michelle Lyons, Mrs. Lisa Cook, Mrs. Sara Hornsby

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tiered approach to help struggling learners. Students' progress is closely monitored at each stage of intervention to determine the need for further research-based instruction and/or intervention in general education, in special education, or both.

Challenge Program

Mrs. Sara Dirks and Miss Ashley Sarver

Challenge is our district's elementary program for gifted and academically advanced students. This program encompasses both enrichment as well as acceleration in several areas.  Emphasis is put on critical thinking, creative thinking, and logical reasoning. 


Mrs. Chelsie Chaney

I provide speech and language services to students preschool (age 3) to 6th grade here at Jefferson School. Children are referred by their teacher or parent. I then screen the child’s speech or language skills to determine if a full evaluation is needed. Sometimes our teachers will have me listen to their students read and I can determine whether a student needs to be formally screened and/or evaluated. Once evaluated, …

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Social Work

Mrs. Sandi Cross

School social workers help students achieve maximum benefit from their educational opportunities, understand themselves and others, improve their self-concepts, cope with stress, and develop decision-making skills.  School social workers help parents participate effectively in their children's education, understand and meet their children's social and emotional needs, understand programs available to students with special needs, and utilize school and community resources effectively.

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School Psychologist

Dr. Dan Ebbert

School psychologists have specialized training in both psychology and education. School psychologists tailor their services to the particular needs of each child and each situation. School psychologists use many different approaches, but most provide consultation to:  

  • Give healthy and effective alternatives to teachers, parents, and administrators about problems in learning and behavior.
  • Help others understand child development and how it affects learning and behavior.
  • Strengthen working relationships …

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