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Welcome to kindergarten at Jefferson Elementary School!  Our Kindergarten teachers are Mrs. Bohnhoff, and Mrs. Cirilli, and Mrs. Kleckner.

Kindergarten provides an opportunity for the social, emotional, and academic growth of your child.  Appropriate work habits are emphasized, as children need to listen and follow directions in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one settings. 

Early literacy is strongly emphasized in the kindergarten classroom.  The following skills will be addressed in whole class instruction, small group, and individual settings: letter recognition and formation, letter sounds, concepts about print, and writing.  Math skills that are emphasized include shapes, patterns, numbers, calendar, measurement, time, money, addition, and simple subtraction. Social studies and science goals are addressed during both literacy and math time.  The children will leave the classroom for twenty-five minutes each day for “specials”; throughout the week, your child will have attended physical education, music, library, and computer classes.  Art will be taught in the classroom one day a week, so find a good spot in your home to display your child’s art.

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