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My Class6th Grade

The sixth grade teachers are Mrs. Scifres and Miss Geist. In sixth grade, students build on the skills that are introduced and developed in fifth grade. The sixth grade math curriculum can be very challenging because of the many skills that are introduced including relating decimals, fractions, and percents, negative integers, pre-algebra, and using ratios and proportions.  Sixth grade students are taught to apply skills learned into solving higher-level word problems.  The ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome are explored during the year. Do you know about mitosis, the states of matter, the life-cycle of a star, or what elements are on the Periodic Table?  Sixth grade students study these and other topics as part of the science curriculum.  Finally, students are expected to be avid readers.  They read from the text, for Accelerated Reader, and from topical novels during their year in sixth grade.  One of the culminations of being a student at Jefferson School is when the students are the stars  of the sixth grade musical every spring.  Sixth grade is the best…just ask our wonderful students.

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