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My Class4th Grade

Fourth grade is a wonderful transitional year with Mr. Brenkman and Miss Welsh. The students get to come upstairs with the big kids for the first time.  With that privilege, come more responsibilities.  Students are encouraged to become much more independent during this year.  It becomes their responsibility to turn work in on time and in the right places.  Their assignment books should be filled out on a daily basis.  New academic topics include learning about our United States: the regions, states, and capitals.  We have units on sound, light, animals, recycling, rocks and minerals, and states of matter in science.  Our biggest math goal in 4th grade is long division.  Once they figure that one out, they feel like they have really accomplished something.  Learning how to play recorders, preparing for a music program, and going on various fieldtrips are just a few more highlights in 4th grade.

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